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For the past ten years, leaders of women's state and regional golf associations have been meeting from all over the country to discuss ways to better guide their associations, improve their programs and increase their membership. This meeting is held each March in Phoenix and has been aptly named "WARM," which stands for Women's Association Roundtable Meeting. This year marks WARM's eighth meeting with forty women representing 15 women's golf associations.

The WARM meeting is invaluable to the growth of women's golf and envisions their work as beneficial to all women golfers. The three-day meeting is packed full of group discussions, brainstorming sessions and evaluations of past projects. From their methods of communication with their members and member benefits to educational programs and tournament administration and sites, participants share their ideas and resourceful undertakings. Other topics include golfer development programs, long-range planning, board configuration and responsibilities, interaction with men's associations, junior girls golf and annual meetings. When you get a highly motivated group of women golfers in one room, the results can be amazing! Maybe the WARM acronym should denote Women Are Really Motivated!

In light of the necessity of WARM, the same founding group of associations formed a new organization last fall called the Women's Golf Alliance (also known simply as The Alliance), with the tag line "uniting women's golf." Their purpose is to increase the choice and visibility of women golfers and to enhance member benefits and services provided by member associations.

The Business of Alliance

Each year we hear statistics from notable national golf organizations reporting that women are the fastest growing segment of the golf community. Yet, there seems to be uncertainty about how to encourage women to keep playing, use the services provided by professionals and become avid golfers. Continual studies addressing the preferences of women golfers have been completed with minimal results. The Alliance leadership holds that the answer lies in connecting with women's state golf associations, which represent MOST of the country's core and avid women golfers - in numbers, in rounds played and in their preferences. The state women's association is the link between industry professionals and amateur golfers.

The Alliance will benefit the average woman golfer because they seek to get the avid woman golfer's voice heard at the national level. These discussions drive programming at the national level, which trickle down to local golf businesses, which learn how to accommodate women at their courses and in their shops. In time this will lead to better service and more success of golf facilities in meeting women's needs and wants in our golf experience. The women of The Alliance are the driving force in making the changes we all hope to see - ones that will enhance a woman's experience on the course.

We Need You!

The leaders of The Alliance have learned that involving the hundreds of thousands of women who make up the membership of state women's golf associations across our country is the way to grow women's golf. Association members are the ones who know the game and attract non-golfing friends to learn the game. They are the ones who help each other get past those first tee jitters. They are the ones who can teach each other about etiquette and pace of play, playing by the Rules, creating friendships around golf and about competitions. They are the ones who can teach each other that straight is sometimes better than far, and often even more fun.

In California alone, there are over 60,000 women on the rolls of women's golf associations. Nationwide, there are well over 300,000 women who are members of women's state golf associations. Recognize your place as part of the largest community of amateur women golfers in the world. Volunteer with your local WGA and invite a friend to experience the camaraderie. Participate in local events. Support charities through fundraising tournaments. Spread the fun of golf with those just learning the game to keep them involved. If your Handicap is 27 or better, you are considered an average golfer so don't equate champions with "real" golf. You are a "real" golfer!

Excerpts taken from an article written by Mary Ann Souter.

Visit the Women's Golf Alliance website for more information.

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